February 2018 In-Person Workshop in Monterrey, Mexico with Dr. Wendy Anne McCarty

Evolving Our Care and Support for Families During Pregnancy:
New Paradigm, Guiding Principles, and Strategies

A 2-Day Workshop with Dr. Wendy Anne McCarty

Monterrey, Mexico  •  February 22 – 23, 2018

“The difference between thriving and surviving begins in the womb.”
— Drs. McCarty and Glenn

The prenatal period is the most powerful developmental period in a person’s life. Prenatal and perinatal psychology has been intensely studying this period from the baby’s point of view for decades. The findings call for us to evolve and expand our understandings and practices.

For those of us supporting families, we can feel burdened with all that we know is important for optimal outcomes. How do we convey what is important to families without their feeling afraid of all the responsibility for this new being?

In the new paradigm, what matters most? How do we effectively focus our support and interventions during pregnancy and in preparation for birth? What new skills and protocols are called for in the new paradigm?

In this workshop with Dr. McCarty, we will:

  • Examine the new holistic, multidimensional model of early development and how this revolutionizes our understandings of the prenatal period.
  • Explore the 12 Guiding Principles to optimize human development and optimal relationships from the beginning of life.
  • Listen to what babies have been teaching us about what really matters to them.
  • Explore new ways to include babies directly in our circle of care and communication.
  • Discuss what matters most in helping mothers to heal stress, PTS, unresolved grief and fears during pregnancy. Discuss new strategies to address these.
  • Observe Dr. McCarty in a session with a pregnant mom and baby using energy psychology techniques (EFT) that include the baby in the process and support healing for both mother and baby
  • Learn how to incorporate Dr. McCarty’s EFT version into your practice.

The workshop will be held at the Amayal Center in Monterrey, Mexico. Spanish translation will be available. For more information and registration, contact Barbara B. Powers.