A Special Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology (PPN) Live Webinar Series:
PPN Therapeutic Play With Babies and Kids

Dr. Wendy Anne McCarty

Hosted by Kate White, APPPAH Education Co-Director

Discount Early Registration Until February 8, 2018

PPN Therapeutic Play with Babies and Kids – Series #1
Office and Home – Pros and Families

March 13, 20, 27 – 1.5 hours each
9:30 am – 11 am – Pacific Standard Time
This seminar is open to everyone.

PPN Play Therapy – Professionals – Series #2
Follow-up Study Group Series

April 10, 17, 24 – 1.25 hours each
9:30 am – 10:45 am – Pacific Standard Time

This seminar is open to all professionals who work with families. Series #1 is a prerequisite for enrolling in Series #2. You may be a therapist who utilizes play therapy as a primary modality, or a professional considering this as a complimentary aspect of care and mentoring families. Even if you don’t incorporate play therapy directly in your practice, the course will give you a greater appreciation of the relationship between early experience and current issues during infancy and childhood, as well as giving you strategies to address these issues via PPN therapeutic play.

THE SESSIONS WILL BE RECORDED. Participants will have access to view recorded session for 5 days following the session. This is to accommodate time zones, work schedules and family life!

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CEU certificate of attendance available through CA Board of Registered Nurses for additional fee: Series 1 ($20) for 4-hour credit and Series #1 and #2 together ($30) for 8-hour credit. Please note your request for CEU certificate in your Paypal payment’s “comments” and add additional cost to your series payment.

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Privacy and Permission: Webinar platform – Zoom video conferencing. We will be recording the sessions which you can access if you miss a session. By signing up for the series, you give us permission to record the sessions which may or may not include your image, voice, or name and to use them in the future for educational purposes. We want people to feel comfortable with the level of visibility while attending. With this format, you can choose to be present on live video or only audio feed while watching. You may ask questions by raising your hand and being on video or audio alone, and/or submitting your written chat question for more privacy.

Refunds given until March 9, 2018 minus a $75 refund fee. No refunds after March 9, 2018. To request refund, email Dr. McCarty with your request and save her email confirmation response. There are no plans to repeat this seminar offering.

For further information on the webinar series, contact Kate White.

Description of Series from Dr. McCarty

In each class of Series #1 and #2, I will give you a Powerpoint presentation, share family stories, show clips from my BEBA clinic and private practice video archives, and dialogue with you to answer your questions.

Life is complex and birth has become more difficult for many. Often things happened during the prenatal, birth, and newborn period that were not ideal. We now understand that those experiences are commonly connected to current difficulties our babies and kids are having.

In this webinar, I  distill the gems I’ve learned from decades of work with families utilizing therapeutic play to access and transform prenatal, birth, and newborn imprints together.

Prenatal and perinatal oriented therapeutic play – you will learn how to:

·      Set up your office or home with PPN specific props, toys, and symbols

·      Identify common current behaviors as potential prenatal and perinatal imprints that need help to complete and integrate

·      Learn how to therapeutically communicate with the baby and child about what happened back then and now

·      Learn play techniques to re-pattern through family play – be happier and closer

My style of PPN therapeutic play and mentoring is situated within:

  • My consciousness-based model as developed in my book, Welcoming Consciousness: Supporting Babies’ Wholeness from the Beginning of Life (2012) and other writings and presentations
  • The 12 Guiding Principles –Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology
  • Core concepts such as interconnected-multidimensional being and communication and the Family Holographic Field

During our time together, I will weave leading edge understandings of the new paradigm and principles with therapeutic play strategies. Handouts included. You may wish to read my writings prior to our series. When you register, I will send you a list of my publications.

More About the Series:

In 2002, I wrote a JOPPPAH article, The Power of Beliefs: What Babies are Teaching Us. In it I discuss how young babies already portray a sophisticated and established complex of beliefs and patterns of being in the world. I describe four clinical stories of babies in PPN-oriented BEBA therapy sessions who are expressing very difficult patterns based upon earlier experiences in the womb, during birth and as newborns.

Babies and children live in the inner world of their earliest experiences, from the womb, birth and newborn period, throughout their daily lives. Often the meaning and significance of their challenges, reactions, and ways of being in the world are not recognized as patterns established so early in life.

Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology (PPN) oriented therapies have developed ways to identify and help babies, children, and families heal difficult early experiences and transform them into more life-enhancing experiences of being in the world. PPN-oriented therapeutic play is an effective way to do this and can be done in the office with a PPN professional and also at home with parents perceiving and engaging their children with this purpose in mind.

I discovered the prenatal and perinatal psychology community when I attended an APPPAH Congress in 1989. I began PPN therapy training and opened my PPN-oriented family psychotherapy practice in 1990. I have been captivated by babies and children as they show me more and more of their sophisticated multidimensional world of early influences, being in the world and communication. Therapeutic play, play with intention, presence, compassion and sensitive mutuality, can be incredibly healing and transformative for the whole family, as well as for the professionals involved! Kids and babies have shown me things beyond my beliefs or understandings of what is possible. I always feel I am ‘catching up’ to their fuller capacities and what they are showing us that so often goes unrecognized or misinterpreted just because it lies outside our “set” of possibility.

Kids have portrayed so many of their stories in my presence ¬during therapeutic play – A 3-year-old tells her NICU story with a Playmobile surgical suite; a 4-year-old moving in and out of a folded futon, shows us what happened with his planned C-section and separation from his mother, a 4-year-old portrays a complex sequence of events with several symbols from my play therapy shelves of a stressful weekend when he was 5-month in utero, and the 9-month-old crawls over to a doll and expresses his loss of his twin during the first weeks of pregnancy.

I now have retired from providing in-person PPN play therapy, but continue to consult with families and mentor them to incorporate PPN-oriented play in their lives. Babies, kids, and families have taught me SO MUCH over the years. I want to give forward some of the gems I have learned to help you.

Wendy Anne McCarty, PhD, RN
Holistic Nurse Baccalaureate-Board Certified
Diplomat Comprehensive Energy Psychology

Dr. McCarty has worked with families for over 40 years as an OB nurse, childbirth educator, infant specialist, PPN prenatal and birth therapist for babies, children and adults, and now as a PPN consultant/mentor. Since 1990, she has provided child (baby) centered PPN play therapy in-person sessions and mentored parents to incorporate PPN-oriented therapeutic play at home to address issues relating to their experiences from pre-conception forward. Dr. McCarty has provided education and training to professionals for 25+ years. She co-founded, co-authored, and was core faculty of the first Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology Graduate Programs at SBGI. She is the author of Welcoming Consciousness, a consciousness-based early development model and 30+ publications, as well as a primary co-author of the 12 Guiding Principles-Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology. Recipient of the 2017 Thomas Verny Award for excellence in the field of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology given by APPPAH.