12 Guiding Principles­–Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology

Guidelines for Usage

As of February 26, 2020

12 GP-PPN Project Co-Directors
Wendy Anne McCarty and Marti Glenn
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The 12 Guiding Principles–PPN are adopted and endorsed by the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health.

The 12 Guiding Principles–Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology (PPN) distills the core findings, values and recommendations arising from Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology’s unique lens of understanding early development from the baby’s point of view and PPN-oriented clinical work that supports optimal human potential and relationships from the beginning of life.

They were crafted by a group of leading PPN clinicians and academics under an academic grant project lead by Wendy Anne McCarty and Marti Glenn. Great care was taken with each exact word and phrase to portray the correct essence of the principle.  The 12GP provides our PPN community a unified message and clear language through an official proclamation.

The 12GP Project owns the copyright and is responsible for the integrity of the principles.

  • Do not translate the principles into other languages. If you wish to have an official translation in your language, contact Wendy.
  • Do not paraphrase the principles and present them as your own material.
  • Do not extract portions of the principles and call them “the principles” because people will think that is the whole document. If you use excerpts of the document, identify that this is a direct quote EXCERPT from ­­­the 12GP website or document. Tell the reader or participant they can review our website to view the complete official 12GP-PPN and further information about the project they can find the document in its entirety at our website.

When you represent PPN, we ask you to use The 12 Guiding Principles proclamation as a foundation of the PPN message, education, practice, and outreach.

PLEASE directly quote the principles in the proclamation, rather than paraphrasing or “saying in your own personal way what they mean” to keep the original language of the principles intact. Then switch to your own voice to build your own material, add your own interpretation or explanation of  the principle clearly identifying yours as YOUR own perspective, your authorship.

As of 2-26-20,  www.12guidingprinciples-ppn.com, the official website project devoted to the 12 Guiding Principles provides you with:

  • The complete Official 12 Guiding Principles in English proclamation webpage to view
  • The 12GP-PPN digital documents in English, German, Spanish, and Italian to download
  • Information to purchase 12GP printed brochures in English and Spanish
  • More information about the 12GP, events and blog

Proper Usage of the 12GP-PPN:

The 12GP-PPN Project owns the copyright of the document in each language. Please respect our copyright and follow these guidelines for proper use. Thank you. If you have any questions, contact Wendy Anne McCarty : [email protected]

12GP – Digital Documents (PDF)

You have permission to download and distribute the PDF 12GP-PPN digital documents to use without alteration and in their entirety.

  • You may post or distribute them, such as an attachment, download, or a linked document digitally
  • You may print the digital document and distribute the printed version.

12 GP ­– Brochures in Print

  • The 12GP are printed as a professional brochure in English and Spanish. You may purchase these through the APPPAH store: www.birthpsychology.com
  • You are encouraged to distribute them!

 Additional Usage Guidelines:

Directly quote from the document when used as a part of your own publications, recordings, and discussions. Clearly identify the quote as a direct quote from the 12GP and use the proper APA referencing and citation listed below.

For example, you write a blog or article. Always directly quote from the 12PG document or website principles and include the citation for the direct quote. Keep the wordage exactly as in the 12GP document. Do not paraphrase or change any or omit language of the principle. Then proceed to clearly identify and distinguish your own comments as your interpretation or discussion about the directly quotes principle.

The intention is to keep the integrity of the principle as officially stated while differentiating your comments and discussion about it.

If you are creating significant products focused on the 12 guiding principles, such as a chapter of a book, or a training, please contact Wendy to help ensure correct usage of the 12GP for your project. Please consult Wendy before producing any product such as a large poster that include the 12GP. Thank you.

The Correct English 12GP document brochure citation to use as of 2-8-20:


Citation for current printed English brochures:

McCarty, W.A. & Glenn, M., et.al. (2008, 2016, 2019).
Nurturing human potential and optimizing relationships from the beginning of life: 12 guiding principles from prenatal and perinatal psychology. [Brochure]. Natural Family Living~Right From the Start: Santa Barbara, CA.

Citation for English PDF brochure downloaded from our website:

McCarty, W.A. & Glenn, M., et.al. (2008, 2016, 2019).
Nurturing human potential and optimizing relationships from the beginning of life: 12 guiding principles from prenatal and perinatal psychology. [Brochure]. Natural Family Living~Right From the Start: Santa Barbara, CA. Retrieved (date you downloaded the file) from https://12guidingprinciples-ppn.com/brochures

For further questions on how to correctly quote and reference the 12 Guiding Principles and information at the website, please see APA Publication Manual, 6th Edition.

You may also email Wendy for clarifications. Please help us preserve the integrity and clarity of these principles. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for helping us keep this official proclamation as originally intended. We so much appreciate your being an ambassador for our unifying message.

Wendy Anne McCarty and Marti Glenn
The 12 Guiding Principles Project Co-Directors