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February 2018 In-Person Workshop in Monterrey, Mexico with Dr. Wendy Anne McCarty

Evolving Our Care and Support for Families During Pregnancy: New Paradigm, Guiding Principles, and Strategies A 2-Day Workshop with Dr. Wendy Anne McCarty Monterrey, Mexico  •  February 22 – 23, 2018 “The difference between thriving and surviving begins in the womb.” — Drs. McCarty and Glenn The prenatal period is the most powerful developmental period […]

Bridging The Mental Divide in Early Development Education, Training, and Care Programs

As professionals working and researching within both the prenatal and infancy domains of human development and psychology, it became clear to us that a mental divide still exists in our culture and professional practice that separates the prenatal world from that of infancy. Professionals are trained to work within one domain or the other; agencies […]

Beginner’s Mind: What Babies Are Teaching Us

Prenatal and perinatal psychology (PPN) has been immersed for over 40 years in learning about our earliest human experiences and how those early experiences set in motion our fundamental life patterns. What is unique about the PPN field of study and clinical work is that, at its core, it arises from and values understanding early […]