Dad and Mom with newborn

When We Enter Baby’s Multidimensional World…

For 30 years, I have had the privilege of working with babies and families through the consciousness-based paradigm lens of who babies are and how we can best welcome and support them. When we enter their multidimensional world with reverence and receptivity, we awaken greater love, awe, and avenues to nurture the baby’s human potential from the beginning of life. Babies’ experiences pre-conception through birth and bonding set in motion their fundamental life-patterns. I have seen babies and families move from survival to thriving by learning how to tap into their greater consciousness potential together as a family.

I found this quote that captures the beauty that I have experienced with babies and families in our prenatal and perinatal oriented work together as we explore new dimensions of early family life.

We are never too young for the need for the nurturing of being seen, heard, touched, and valued. When we honor the wholeness of our baby’s spirit as their body is conceived and as they are nurtured in the womb and birthed; when we treat them with love and respect and include them as whole, sentient beings that are learning intensely about life and communicating with us from the beginning; and, when we appreciate their conception, womb life and birth as their unique sacred journey into human life, we can compensate when everything doesn’t go well, when “life happens.” When we nurture the wholeness, the goodness, truth and beauty of our baby’s spirit and human self, we also heal ourselves. (McCarty, 2003)

If you are inspired to have me give a presentation or workshop on the essence of what we have learned from babies’ point of view that evolves our ways of welcoming, nurturing, and caring for babies, please contact me.