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12 Guiding Principles–Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology – April 2019 Update

During the last six months, we have had many opportunities to share and expand our message with the 12 Guiding Principles: Nurturing Human Potential and Optimal Relationships from the Beginning of Life. Here are a few highlights:

I presented a class to orient APPPAH’s PPNE certification students to the origins, significance and benefits the 12GP-PPN give them in their practice and community.

The video of my PowerPoint presentation is available as a free gift for APPPAH members or anyone purchased it for $19. It’s a great way to hear the backstory, get informed and inspired. Click here to purchase.

The 12GP–PPN digital brochure is translated into German!

12 Guiding Principles Brochure in GermanThe German translation of the 12GP–PPN were debuted as part of the curriculum of my Fall 2018 workshop in Germany with a wonderful group of seasoned practitioners!

The 12GP–PPN are published in three new publications!

One of our goals is to share the treasures of prenatal and perinatal psychology with as many professionals, families, and communities as possible. We want to start a dialogue of what we have learned from the baby’s point of view about our earliest development and how that informs what we value and recommend for optimal early development and relationships.

I am grateful to these people and publications values our message and published them:

Pathways to Family Wellness – thanks to John and Jeanne Ohm
International Journal of Healing and Caring – thanks to Daniel Benor
Psychology Today Blog – thanks to Darcia F. Narvaez

To view or download these articles that feature the 12 Guiding Principles, click here to go to our Publications page.

You can now download The Official 12 Guiding Principles Digital Brochure in English, Spanish, Italian, and German. Please distribute or post the official digital brochures. Also, the official 12 GP Printed Brochure are available for purchase in English and Spanish – click here.

We hope to translate the 12 Guiding Principles into more languages in 2019. If you are interested in having them translated into your language or would like us to give a presentation or workshop to your group, please contact us.

Warm wishes to you,